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Ever since I remember myself, I was drawn to beauty and aesthetics. 
I am in owe of the world beauty, and this makes me want to pursue my passion and add elegance to this world.
Clothing, accessories, set and space décor is my main passion.
I started my professional way as a costume and set designer in local and international film productions. 
My clothing surely gives a hint of my theatric past :)
After living and creating in the main cities for many years, I changed the urban scene with a natural and serene environment and my theatric outfit was transformed into a casual, bohemian outfit to fit an everyday life. My style changed into soft and romantic, nourished from nature and it’s grace – a lovely river next to my home, an enchanting garden at my doorstep and the goodness in our planet.

Each design starts with a prototype which I wear day and night to make sure it is comfortable for daily use. Only when I am convinced that it fits perfectly to any routine, I continue and create it in several sizes and styles.
I give extra attention to the comfort and simplicity of my clothes and work with natural fabrics only. 
I wear my clothing 90% of the time, and due to the demand, I finally decided to go online and share my work with the world.

My future dream is to continue and create, make people happy with my apparel, create a secure feeling, aesthetic and inspirational. I want my clothing make any women shines from within.
I hope to continue and travel around the world, absorb cultures, colors, and nature and bring all this into my clothing.

Thank you for the visit,


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